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#2 Those who cry Pervert! After watching him, I realize that he really was a super star in every since of the word. LOL! We want Reba's Steve Howey Says He's Game for Sitcom Revival Which Other Cast Members Have Expressed Interest? I don't think that the crew looked further into this. So, come on CNN stop acting so Enquirer-esque and remind us that you're still a respected media outlet. Despite a deep roster of top star talent, Michael Jackson's Ghosts, a 40-minute short film released in 1997 is barely remembered, but it certainly isn't because of a lack of bombast. Now "Ghosts" comes around and fills in the circle perfectly! Michael Jackson Ghost as seen on Larry King Live - Uncut version from Neverland. We simply saw a clear shadow walk across the room and through the wall. Kathleen Roberts, who is believed to be from the U.S., opened up about her relationship with Michael in an online article she wrote last year. Let the perversion stop. . Michael Jam : sosie de michael jackson, ghost performance, michael jackson impersonator, ghost in lyon, monnwalk. Joe and Odd Thomas Actress, Jim Toth Wiki, Net Worth, Fast facts about Reese Witherspoons husband, Ned Rocknroll Wiki & Fast facts about Kate Winslets third Husband, Kirstjen Nielsen Wiki, Fast Facts about US Secretary of Homeland Security, Elizabeth Shue Wiki & Then And Now What has happened to the star from the 80s, Joanna Gaines wiki: 2:01. Go read a book, or ride a bike. HLN's Joy Behar talks to Larry King about the Conrad Murray trial and his reaction to it. FANTOME MICHAEL JACKSON NEVERLAND ZOOM GHOST CNN BLOGPARFAIT. They say "yes". It is what it is! U can not fake a death and think you are going to get away, it is a crime and some of them think you can.. A message to the congressman. I'd prefer if CNN would clarify the issue. MENATWORK. BUT the house was full of people so.. He made a difference and cared enough about kids to create that magical place. Even the shape of the shadow and the way in which the head was titled down slightly- resemblems how MJ walked. CNN is sounding more like the Enquirer rather than real news stories. Monsters and Critics. I never heard one way or the other. Thank you kindly for all the coverage on Michel Jackson; May he now rest in peace. ta tocao su mente ..jui!! Thank you for giving us a complete look into the King of Pop, Michael Jo Jackson, and allowing us to have a sneak peek into his Neverland Ranch!! But thanks for getting to the bottom of this CNN. MICHAEL , you stay forever in our hearts and souls ! Joyce Hatton. I think it very well may be MJ, because he did not mean to die just yet, he just wanted to get some sleep for the night??? King of Pop forever, Please CNN take down the slander about Michael the comments made by NY Rep, please it's disgusting, I never thought you would post something like that, stop talking about it. we owe MJ alot. woman who doesn't chase celebrity news. When Why? I just watched the congressman again on CNN and it sickens me that someone would go after someone like that in death. How do we know that the rest of the family are NOT ON DRUGS. Michael says "you don't have to be rude" (a comment on his real life). Including the perversion of the media making him out like a god and some great gift. Second, if it was a crew member or Ranch employee, why didn't he/she follow their shadow? Now we are beginning to find out just what a downward spiral that false accusation put him on. The most criminal people and liars in society today come from politicians. thank you Kenny seen the video and as I said and posted above at times what we cannot explain we tend to go for a logical reason for things, however when MJ passed I felt that is the one place he would be and I do feel he is there as that is where he was most happy, his world away from the world. It is said viewers of the mansion and 2,700 acre estate - which he bought in 1987 and lived in for more than 15 years - have been put off by a ghostly presence. I was having children, married and working everyday to make a life for myself. He will always be with usForever!! MENATWORK. This one is a little harder to authenticate on a scientific basis, though. During CNN Larry King Interview with Jermaine Jackson. Really! It was his childrens home. Brian C., Robert Stutts, Allan Heinberg, David Welsh . I think ur rite. Michael was the highest humanitarian on the planet. One Direction: From Harry Styles To Niall Horan, Whos Got The Best Facial Fuzz? While I agree with others who want a fuller explanation from the CNN staff, I don't think it is Michael. July 15, 2011 . Yes, at first, you see a shadow pass across the camera view. ; Yellow Peri by Mark Evanier and Kurt Schaffenberger; Zamarons by Joe 134469418987 She said she didnt want them and now suddenly she does??? Michael I only wish I could have known you. Michael Jackson's Ghosts is a 1996 short film starring Michael Jackson, directed by Stan Winston, and written by Stephen King and Mick Garris.It is based on a story by Garris, Jackson and King. Ghost Caught On Camera. I mean really I believe in ghosts so if MJ is a ghost maybe having trouble crossing over where else would he be but "Neverland". During CNN Larry King Interview 0:50 Michael Jackson Ghost? After reading the first few years of the daily strip in the collection The Collected Works of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, a book I've had in my collection for decades, I am a little tired to be honest. Here's what was caught on tape. Did you even see the cooks? We don't need to try and explain away everything we see. I NEVER believed that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. I wonder if anyone else besides me felt offended by that comment. Towards the end of the video Michael says to the townsfolk "do you want me to go?" How can this congressman or anyone else for that matter accuse someone of something that they did not actually see? After investigation, it was decided that the shadow belonged to someone working in the Neverland mansion or a member of another network crew. Larry King: Michael Jackson was shy. It is already scientifically proven by the evidence that this is paranormal. That's not exactly a reputable website. Co-produced by Jackson, Bill Bottrell, Teddy Riley, and Bruce Swedien, the album was Jackson's first since Forever, Michael (1975) without longtime collaborator Quincy Jones. It doesn't take any intelligence or deep thought to spew fear and hate, but the whole world responded to Michael's songs with compassion. The concepts by the creators come at the reader fast and furiously, something that likely quickened the imaginations of folks coming to these notions for the first time. Video of a ghostly silhouette crossing a room in MJ's former residence was shot by CNN a week after the star's death, and shown on Larry King Live. Larry King, I like your show and watch almost nightly. You had it right Michael!!! This will be my last comment for this post May he rest in peace, BUT. I saw that shadow when the clip was originally aired. Do you think a real pedophile would be as honest? Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more! A lot of you have asked us to post this clip - LKL was at Michael Jackson's "Neverland" estate last week and got a tour of the house. most likely it was somebody's shadow. there is a very good simulation on youtube,wats show,how this can be a shadow,but the moderator alvais take from here the link. The "first feature" designation is applied to the director not the producer (s). When Michael . That was his wish!!! He gave up his life and his money everyday for people. Debbie tried to sell the kids! rebel ghosts 191 america's poet? Even people Mike admired sucked him financially. . I'll just wait for TAPS to do a show on Neverland Ranch if their is any activity. Maybe he covered his face because his face was healing. I'm sure CNN knows what caused this anomaly in terms of the camera(s) used and the crew on site. Are they God? Video of a ghostly silhouette crossing a room in MJs former residence was shot by CNN a week after the stars death, and shown on Larry King Live. I would say "too bad" But you did your job here like no other. This is why Jesus was crucified. More like this . I never believed the story from day one..People will do any thing for money, now I have seen it all Its sed,iven after this somody sad,that he was a child molester.Peples are ivol! Jackson was never convicted of child molestation. Dangerous is the eighth studio album by the American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson.It was released by Epic Records on November 26, 1991, more than four years after Jackson's previous album, Bad (1987). it is not connected to any source (to the left or otherwise),". Michael Jackson 's ghost has been spotted at Neverland. Its doesn't matter if they are biologicaly his children are not. 8 of the Most Popular and Beloved French Films Ever, Convert mp3 files to text with these awesome applications, What Happened to Ashley Sommers: Wiki of G.I. I hope Neverland will forever become a tribute to Michael Jackson and his children. It wasnt fake do you think so many people would have followed him if it was fake? It's really weird. Bad (englisch fr etwa: Bse") ist das siebte Studioalbum des US-amerikanischen Pop sngers Michael Jackson.Es wurde im August 1987 beim Plattenlabel Epic Records verffentlicht und ist Jacksons drittes und letztes Album, welches von Quincy Jones produziert wurde.. Bad erreichte in ber 20 Lndern die Spitze der Album-Charts, wurde bis heute ber 45 Millionen Mal verkauft und . 1.6 million and counting can attest to that. Poor Michael took the blame all those years, and now this guye tells the truth??? Hmm, CNN you only post the comments you want posted? I love his earth song. Larry the special you did at the "Neverland Property" was great and a job well done. I NEVER believed he would harm any child. It is only when you look more closely and understand that the shadow ends at the base of the wall, i.e. Logic and rational thinking say this was something paranormal. Larry King Special: Harry Potter - The Final Chapter. How Well Do the Major Streaming Platforms Apps Hold Up in 2022? Those who continue to say it was a cameraman etc. Of course, they may not want to create controversy out of respect for the Jacksons as well, which I guess is understandable. 0:24. It was horrible. He never got a break. You have to be Michael Jackson to dance like Michael Jackson, he created his dancing Michael Jackson may or may not be dead, and that may or may not be a ghost, but most will never know for sure. Jackson stated that the song was influenced by a real-life story he had read about, of a young man who tried to escape poverty by . It took its name from the chairman of U.S. Steel, Elbert H Gary, and is nicknamed City of Century were hoping for ironic reasons. Michael wanted to live forever, this could be Michael's ghostly figure easy being that his death was more of an accident, then really his time to go. Regardless, I think it indicates what actually happened, i.e. Bonny_Louise. All Angels in the Universe you embrace ,give you what you missed you have small minds and never tinks about his positive traits..IDIOT PEOPLE. Jan 5, 2014 - michael jacksons ghost caught on camera durring live reporting(LARRY KING LIVE {CNN}) He can scream at the television and critique every play, but in the end he or she could never do what those athletes do. No mention of a staff member of other individual walking past the frustrating!!! CNN Larry King reveals Michael Jackson's ghost haunts Neverland Video, Chris Rock Roasts Will Smith With Slap Jokes:Everybody Called Him a B- And Who Did He Hit, Me, The Original Plan For A Goofy Movie Had Nothing To Do With Powerline, A Goofy Movie Originally Planned To Ditch Goofy's Classic Voice, Linda Kasabian Dies: Member Of The Notorious Manson Family Was 73, CNN Bets News, Not Big Names, Will Capture Crowds at 9 Pm, Richard Belzers Best Quotes as Homicide Detective John Munch, 10 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Facts You Never Knew. pls note I am a 65 yr old college educ. More information. It's probably just a crew member, but interesting nonetheless. Michael is their "legal" father. Michael Jackson cared about kids and that does NOT make you a pedophile. It's very elaborate. No, the shadow is freestanding, connected to nothing off to the side by floor shadow or otherwise, and is no trick. It's wrong, please. Sorry, to be more clear. Too many people took advantage of this, and used him to the point of no end. The shadow I have reviwed over and over sure looks like it could be Michael but then it's just a shadow. That shadow that appeared across the fireplace looked like Michael. By the way, didn't the famous video of the hotel elevator ghost in Singapore have a reflection in the rear wall of the elevator. The Michael Jackson ghost sighting at his Neverland ranch has been debunked! _____ "It is with true love as it is I just wish he could have experienced the joy every person should have. The stresses that go along with such fame are insurmountable. It was then released on home video a year later around the world on LaserDisc, VHS and Video CD. That shadow was obviously one of the crew members. It's almost like saying Rosa Parks was just another bus passenger (re: civil rights movement). Borders, Saving a heart a day is the goal! MattI definitely agreeDid the camera crew look into this at all?? When is it a shadow of MJ thats great. Secondly, the psychological profile for pedophiles, It is an amazing piece of evidence, isn't it. If you are tired of hearing about MJ, change the channel. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. It's amazing how distant and out of touch some people really are with life to try and destroy such an innocent human being that stood for nothing but love. you are wrong, if it had been the shadow of an employee, which reflected the lights had not been a reflection of that shadow on the floor and the shadow has not been so concise, it would be more diffused, 'that would be on the wall, now the spotlight is not in position to make that shadow is well Actually it M.J. who came back to Neverland to live as a child, don't underestimate someone who is an observer. Michael Joseph Jackson (Gary, Indiana, 1958. augusztus 29. Michael Jackson's Dermatologist Sets the Record Straight; . Just give me a moment without negativity. I am from Canada and I expected no less or any form of class from you Americans. Source: hln. MattI agree with "i.e. Because it hasn't been too long yet, his energy/aura is still quite strong -- this place was his home for more years than not, so of course he'd be there. He was a twisted man that people and especially the Media are making too much of. The king of pop has died. Debra Barr There were children who were ill, in wheelchairs, and all children were welcomed to Neverland. God Bless his family and his Children. Do You Believe in Ghosts? SO THERE. Larry King was a disgrace along with the rest of the CNN reporting on the death of Michael Jackson ( you Beat It To Death ) Far to much on going coverage of this man. Where is your humanity? Stories worth watching (15 Videos) I've seen too many real footages & my own personal experience to believe that! It's probably just a crew member, but interesting nonetheless. And where is his body anyway???? This would have to be the case if it were someone off screen. And the answer to all of this isA crew member walked passed a lighting fixture, creating a shadow on the wall. If you dont want to hear it or watch go do something else. Why, Why , Why, not have the memorial in the rotunda in The show's crew caught a lurking shadow during a tour of the pop star's Neverland. Please let him rest in peace. Amazon Advertisement PTI London, UPDATED: May 31, 2015 15:04 IST Michael Jackson. The video, shot during one of CNN 's live segments at the ranch, appeared to show a ghostly figure moving in the background. Sorry, Saffire, didn't mean to leave you out. Keep up your reporting Larry, I feel Michael has gotten the short end of the stick to long. No one is guilty untill proven guilty. I forget that this is a country that tosses out its old, and ignores the hungry. you helped the public to grieve by interviewing the ministers, counselors and psychologists that can give some sense of this tragedy and how to handle it. I am so tired of people calling Micheal a pervert. Barnes& Noble I am educated and in my 40s now and grew up with Michael Jacksons music. So, no explanation???????????? if you look immediately behind larry & the speaker, there is no CNN light source (or crew, BTW) or even window nothing strong enough to cast a TRANSPARENT shadow that many yards in the distance. Look at what happened to those people. Quite the opposite it can't be. You'll never That hallway was a good 40 feet long. I think you are taking Michael Jackson's death to far. CNN does not "trik" (trick) like that, and in this instance it would have been completely disrespectful and mean to do that, not to mention unprofessional. QUIET ! Larry, Larry, It's quite odd. The US talk show host Larry King was dismissed as a witness in the Michael Jackson trial yesterday after saying that a lawyer who once met the accuser's family told him they were just out. Inform the public. It sickens me a congressman would attack his character after his death. duhhhhhh!!! The segment was a complete was of time. . se shico !! I watched the interview but I didn't see this shadowy figure until they showed it tonight and pointed it out. why make it a big controversy??? We only index and link to content provided on other servers. He's brilliant in it. The congressman and others talk like they know exactly what went on. Kenny is exactly right. Neverland. Michael Jackson - Neverland Ranch "Ghost" Poor Michael has not yet been buried and suggestions of a ghost have already begun. Michael Jackson Ghost? I believe we see him on this film because Michael wanted us to see him, NOT because we want to. Anyone could do the moves that he did and any pervert can play with his crotch like Michael did. The city of Gary is 25 miles from downtown Chicago and is famous for its massive steel industry. Its a shadow! It was also a cultural change. RIGHT. Billy Graham goes to be with his Lord I hope to see you give his death equal time. I am wondering why there has been no discussion about Michael Jackson's battle with Lupus, other than Deepak Chopra's small mention of it the day after Michael died? Phenomena. Gerrit Cole and DJ LeMahieu like what they've seen so far from the Yankees pitching staff and Anthony Volpe likes Willie Randolph . It was not time for Michael Jackson to die, he knows it, the world knows it, and now his ghostly shadows haunt the halls of Neverland Ranch trying to figure how to come back into the physical world and finish the work he started if he did die that is! This particular video is now too real and sad to watch. What does anyone else think ? Maybe some people should get to know him before they judge him. Michael Jackson left 20% to childrens charities. Larry King interviews Donald Trump on Oct. 7, 1999. What Are the Best Ways for Writing Your Film Script Perfectly? MattJ did you watch Matt Lauer's interview with Jermaine? The mayor in the video, a politician wants him gone. An eerie interview with talk show host Larry King revealed what looks like a spirit of singer Michael Jackson floating down a hallway at Neverland Ranch. females cover their faces with berkas they're not called freaks. I agree with both of the posts Rose has made here: We can't deny his impact and contributions but we can take the sensationalism down just a notch and let him rest. As I've been watching T.V. Well there's only one person who was truly connected to the ranch & that was MJ, so I don't see how it could be anyone else otherwise.

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