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Who We Are

Second Chance of Florida Foundation was established to meet the needs of high school students who, despite their good grades, stand little chance at getting a college education.  We believe they deserve a second chance at an education that can open doors to a better life.

[box type=”bio”] These kids who are doing well despite their economic and social background are in need of a second chance. They need someone to give them an opportunity to move up and beyond the circumstances in which they are currently immersed.[/box]

Second Chance of Florida Foundation raises money for college tuition and book scholarships for kids who demonstrate academic excellence in high school despite financial, personal and economic hardships.   In particular, the Foundation looks for students who are performing extremely well in school despite the fact that one of their parents are currently incarcerated in jail or prison.  In 2011, the Second Chance Foundation opened its doors and its heart and is actively pursuing other charities to partner with in raising funds for these special children.