Dr. Shebovsky and Dr. Eric Feiter generously donated $3000.00

Dr. Jeffery Shebovsky and Dr. Eric Feiter generously donated $3000.00 dollars to the Second Chance of Florida Foundation, this donations will help three young adults pursue  their education and achieve a better future. This is not something uncommon for Dr. Shebovsky and Dr. Feiter, since  their whole approach towards their company is helping their patients live better, healthier and pain free lives. The Orlando Chiropractor’s Philosophy towards medicine is quite nontraditional, they do not want to just fix the current problem like a traditional doctor. They believe that living healthy with reduce the risk of illness in pain in the future. It is also important that their patients are “cozy and familiar, offering a rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost”.

Dr. Shebovsky, Dr. Feiter and their team are dedicated to helping you obtain optimal health by designing a program specifically tailored to your needs. They take pride in their work and have received quite a bit of recognition for their outstanding work , professional sports teams even come to Dr. Shebovsky for their personal care. All of their clients have glowing reviews of their work and their hospitality. They are truly the only choice when looking for a Chiropractor or a Wellness center in the Orlando area.